Orangeburg, New York Charles Valentin, Sensei

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  • SKIF-Orangeburg Dojo Members (6th-Kyu to 4th-Dan):
  • Charles Valentin (4th-Degree-Black-SKIF).
  • Robert Lucca: (1st-Degree-Black-SKIF).
  • Julio Villegas: (1st-Degree-Black-SKIF).
  • Kevin Duffy:    (1st-Degree-Black-SKIF).
  • Franco Cocucci: (1st-Degree-Black-SKIF).
  • Steven Martinez:(1st-Degree-Black-Goju).
  • Sara M. Valentin:(1st-Kyu Brown-SKIF).
  • Luis Fontanez: (6th-Kyu Green-SKIF).
  • Yves Saint-Joy:  (6th-Kyu Green-SKIF).
  • Orencio Bitanga: (6th-Kyu Green-SKIF).


SKIF-Orangeburg Dojo News: